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But the appeal of the king was like the voice of one crying in the wilderness, and not one gentleman in a hundred hastened to the assistance of the fatherland. I hastened to meet him. I like even better the idea of being in a state of vexation. From the anteroom Berg ran with smooth though impatient steps into the drawing room, where he embraced the count, kissed the hands of Natasha and Sonya, and hastened to inquire after "Mamma's" health. Acting on the advice of Bismarck, the prince asked for a short leave of absence, resigned his commission in the Prussian army on crossing the frontier, and hastened down the Danube to Rumania, under a feigned name and with a false passport. Again Pierre's negative answer seemed to distress him, and he hastened to add: The same day King Michael died and Sobieski, determined to secure the throne for himself, hastened to the capital, though Tatar bands were swarming over the frontier and the whole situation was acutely perilous. As soon as my examinations were over, Miss Sullivan and I hastened to this green nook, where we have a little cottage on one of the three lakes for which Wrentham is famous. Sadly, the new tax law will hasten the closure of many small businesses. Kalnky desired that both the terms of the treaty and the fact of its conclusion should remain secret, but Bismarck and Mancini hastened to hint at its existence, the former in the Reichstag on the 12th of June 1882, and the latter in the Italian semi-official press. A glimpse of the terraced houses of an Indian village - now identified as Zuni - convinced him that he had seen one of the Seven Cities, and he hastened back with the good news. Alonzo hastened to say: Oh, Rosannah, unsay those words ! The constitution of the 3rd of May had scarce been signed when Felix Potocki, Severin Rzewuski and Xavier Branicki, three of the chief dignitaries of Poland, hastened to St Petersburg, and there entered into a secret convention with the empress, whereby she undertook to restore the old constitution by force of arms, but at the same time promised to respect the territorial integrity of the Republic. While these things were taking place around them, the Christians of the kingdom of Jerusalem only hastened their own fall by internal dissensions which repeated the history of the period preceding 1187. Sodium bicarbonate hastened this process, because the base properties of the sodium bicarbonate reacted with the acid properties of the vitamin C, rendering it neutral. There were unmistakable signs of hastened activity: guards lined up to draw horses from the stables while several more hurried from their posts atop a wall to the area near Sirian. The soldiers who had carried Prince Andrew had noticed and taken the little gold icon Princess Mary had hung round her brother's neck, but seeing the favor the Emperor showed the prisoners, they now hastened to return the holy image. Such was the characteristic of Helen’s discourse on that, to me, memorable evening; her spirit seemed, I did not, however, linger long on hearing this; but, Suddenly a noise roused his attention, and on the far side of a field on his left hand he could see six or seven men in smock-frocks with hay-forks in their hands making an offensive approach towards the four railway agents who were facing them, while Caleb Garth and his assistant were, At the battle of Borodinó, when Bagratión was killed and nine tenths of the men of our left flank had fallen and the full force of the French artillery fire was directed against it, the man sent there was this same irresolute and undiscerning Dokhtúrov—Kutúzov, Though, in deference to her masculine advisers, she had refrained from what Sir James had called "interfering in this Bulstrode business," the hardship of Lydgate's position was continually in her mind, and when Bulstrode applied to her again about the hospital, she felt that the opportunity was come to her which she had been hindered from, What type of love are you going to bring, to be, to practice in these times when many are, The young gentleman soon discerned the symptoms of a reconciliation in my softened looks, and, And here he observed he thought, if his correspondence with the British Envoy, which afforded evidence of "continued hostility" towards us, furnished matter of sufficient importance to press upon Congress the utility of, Almost she tripped over their carelessly-flung-out and forgotten feet, and greatly startled and embarrassed, besides being really sorry to have disturbed what was, after all, one of the most interesting moments of life, she stammered something apologetic, and with bowed head and eyes discreetly lowered was. Click to adopt the word hastened. most contemptible and worthy of all scorn; with slouched hat and guilty eye, skulking from his God; prowling among the shipping like a vile burglar, Consonant to this disposition was my answer, but my courage was still more in my head, than in my heart; and as cowards rush into danger they fear, in order to be the sooner rid of the pain of that sensation, I was entirely pleased with his, He turned in the direction of the Vassilyevsky Ostrov, walking along Vassilyevsky Prospect, as though, Kutuzov as far as was in his power, instead of trying to check the movement of the French as was desired in Petersburg and by the Russian army generals, directed his whole activity here, as he had done at Tarutino and Vyazma, to, Kutúzov as far as was in his power, instead of trying to check the movement of the French as was desired in Petersburg and by the Russian army generals, directed his whole activity here, as he had done at Tarútino and Vyázma, to, I ran to the house in Soho, and (to make assurance doubly sure) destroyed my papers; thence I set out through the lamplit streets, in the same divided ecstasy of mind, gloating on my crime, light-headedly devising others in the future, and yet still, Has a girl of fourteen a heart large enough, vigorous enough, to hold the swelling spring of pure, full, fervid eloquence? Jim hastened his lagging steps at this assurance of a quick relief from the dark passage. Morphine and hastened … Caesar pardoned him for having sided with Pompey, ordered him to resume his royal attire, and hastened against Pharnaces, whom he defeated at Zela. The Sun (2010) If we … 3. No sooner had he wholly recovered than he hastened to, confront the emperor, reproaching him with his impiety; Diocletian ordered him to be instantly carried off and beaten to death with rods. They use hastened in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for hastened. He entered Naples on the 27th; but meanwhile Manfred had fled and had raised a considerable force; and the news of his initial successes against the papal troops reached Innocent as he lay sick and hastened his end. When, therefore, in August 1807, Gambier arrived in the Sound, and the English plenipotentiary Francis James Jackson, not perhaps the most tactful person that could have been chosen, hastened to Kiel to place the British demands before the crown prince, Frederick not only refused to negotiate, but ordered the Copenhagen authorities to put the city in the best state of defence possible. Learn more. When the World War broke out, Venizelos hastened, in the dark days which preceded the first battle of the Marne, to offer Greece's aid and adhesion to the Entente. Immediately after his coronation, he hastened to his newly won territories, accompanied by the principal civil and ecclesiastical dignitaries of Denmark, and was solemnly acknowledged lord of Northalbingia (the district lying between the Eider and the Elbe) at Lubeck, Otto IV., then in difficulties, voluntarily relinquishing all German territory north of the Elbe to Valdemar, who in return recognized Otto as German emperor. 2. Another word for hasten. English This is what the European Union, hastened by the crisis, is beginning to do. Cavours stirring against articles in the Risorgimento hastened the kings decision, Austria. This process can be hastened by additions of mown heather seed capsules, application of topsoil or by laying heathland turves. Wiki User Answered . The count hastened publicly to disavow Favras in a speech delivered before the commune of Paris and in a letter to the National Assembly, although there is no reasonable doubt of his complicity in the plot that did exist. Home; Dictionary; Word; Support: Help make Word Game Dictionary a Ad Free Site. Some argue that it hastened the end of the Cold War. But when, in 147, Scipio himself took the command in Africa, Polybius hastened to join him, and was an eye-witness of the siege and destruction of Carthage. But if he does this, he may hasten the collapse of his own country. For joiners' work the drying of the wood is often hastened by stacking the timber in well-ventilated rooms kept at a temperature of from 80° to 150° F. He greatly hastened the passage of the McKinley Bill in 1890, and of the Dingley Bill in 1897. Please Log in or Register or post as a guest. Rhymes Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Similar sound Same consonants He is also reproached with having hastened the execution of a soldier for whom he had reason to believe a pardon was preparing. All yields, splits, cracks, floats, rolls, falls, jostles, Oxygen is a very important element for your body as it, Farewell ! Top searched words; Words A-Z; Hastened in a sentence The word "hastened" in a example sentences. As soon as the revolution of 1848 broke out he hastened to Paris, but the attempt to organize a republican corps for the invasion of Germany was prevented by the government. Find more ways to say hastened, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. (10) Robert hastened on. How To Use hastened In A Sentence? He hastened to propitiate the former by a donative of twice the usual amount, and excused his hasty acceptance of the throne to the senate by alleging the impatient zeal of the soldiers and the necessity of an imperator for the welfare of the state. On his release Consalvi hastened to his master's assistance; and he was soon after allowed to resume his functions under the restored pontificate at Rome. was born in 1290, and in 1325 succeeded his father, Dionis, whose death he had hastened by his intrigues and rebellions. Holmes tied the dog to the hedge, and we hastened onward. After the murder of Alexander in Gaul, hastened, it is said, by his instigation, Maximinus was proclaimed emperor by the soldiers on the 19th of March 235. But the passage of the Stamp Act hastened the catastrophe and gave the leaders of the new combination, notably Henry, an opportunity to humiliate the British ministry, whom not even the tide-water party could defend. Natasha went up, looked at the dead eyes, and hastened to close them. The deathbed struggles of the enemies can only hasten their own doom. By Abdallah's advice the expedition was abandoned; Fesal hastened back with all his forces to Riad, and invested the citadel where Masharah had taken refuge, but failed to gain possession of it, until Abdallah with two companions found his way into the palace, killed Masharah, and placed Fesal on the throne of his father. To cause to happen sooner than otherwise would be the case: negotiations that hastened the end of the war. What does hastened mean? 107 85 One after another they hasten to display their insignificance before him. Oenone soon repented and hastened after him, but finding that she was too late to save him slew herself from grief at the sight of his dead body. After a period of prosperity, internal disturbances broke out and the northern kingdom hastened to its fall. Christian, who had already taken measures to isolate Sweden politically, hastened to the relief of the archbishop, who was beleagured in his fortress of Stake, but was defeated by Sture and his peasant levies at Vedla and forced to return to Denmark. During the last three years of the war Espartero, who had been elected a deputy, exercised from his distant headquarters such influence over Madrid politics that he twice hastened the fall of the cabinet, and obtained office for his own friends. hastened should be in sentence . But his Hungarian allies hastened to his assistance, and the mediation of the Holy See restored peace in 1346. Its approach was announced by the appearance of a certain star, Sirius, and as soon as that star was seen above the horizon the people hastened to remove their flocks to the higher ground and abandoned the lower pastures to the fertilizing influence of the stream. These jac queries hastened the movement of the regular revolution. Tze-kung heard the words, and hastened to him. Elinor hastened to reassure him. A thrill went over Bowles at those kind words, but he hastened to cover up his tracks. He effected a temporary adjustment of the Jansenist controversy; was instrumental in concluding the peace of Aix-laChapelle (1668); healed a long-standing breach between the Holy See and Portugal; aided Venice against the Turks, and laboured unceasingly for the relief of Crete, the fall of which hastened his death on the 9th of October 1669. When a person is wet, that process is hastened dramatically. But if he does this, … Sentence into pic; Feedback; Donate; Home > Hasten in a sentence. Show More Sentences The collaboration, initiated two years ago, focuses on developing a customised harvester for the efficient, large-scale harvesting of castor beans in Latin America. The disorders that hastened its end find an analogy in the events of the more obscure period after the death of the earlier Jeroboam. hastened in a sentence - 15 Lists. To move or act swiftly. You see your ancestors are not, Her lead led me to Rathi and I fell for her, so to say, head-over-heels, and her parents too were for, Runners came in to report that a host of dwarves had appeared round the eastern spur of the Mountain and was now, But when she came on deck, she perceived that they were upon the high sea, far from the shore, and were. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. synonyms. Can't stop, Robinson, I am. 3. Learn the definition of hastened and how to use it in a sentence. Bulygin, Mirski's successor, had no knowledge of this until after its publication; he hastened to the tsar and obtained the issue on the same day of a rescript which, while reserving the " fundamental laws of the empire " inviolate, stated the emperor's intention of summoning the representatives of the people to aid in " the preparation and examination of legislative proposals.". Asked by Wiki User. The establishment of these means of communication hastened the development of the natural resources of the region, and Reading early became an industrial centre. You can use it anywhere it makes sense. hastened in English translation and definition "hastened", Dictionary English-English online. Sentence Examples with the word Hastened May 26, 2020 All Dictionary The growth of the lace industry in the 17th century hastened the process by leading to the substitution of broad bands of lace as decoration; occasionally, as in a magnificent specimen preserved at South Kensington, nearly half the vestment is thus Apparelled Alb in the South Kensington Museum. A few of the mutineers took part in this work; but the great majority of them, fearing the vengeance of the British troops, hastened to move off, rather a mob than an army, upon the Delhi road. Women also have an important role to play in harvesting the honey, brewing mez, and carrying out small scale beekeeping in cooperation with friends and neighbours. Wickersham, without looking at him, made an angry gesture and hastened his step. At the news of the invasion Roderic hastened back and led a numerous army against the combined forces of Tariq and the partisans of Witiza. His stay was only once interrupted, when, in 1909, he hastened to Salonika, and with Mahmud Shevket under - took a brief and victorious campaign against the reactionaries, who hoped to regain unfettered power under 'Abdul Hamid. A few men hastened to the rescue, among others 'Abbas b. Hisham, Yazid, the son of Khalid al-Qasri, and other chiefs, hastened to the Khadra and killed the two princes, together with Yusuf b. After the first defeat Francis Joseph hastened to Italy; he commanded in person at Solferino, and by a meeting with Napoleon arranged the terms of the peace of Villafranca. The final arrest is due to paralysis of the respiratory centre in the medulla oblongata, hastened by a quasi-asthmatic contraction of the non-striped muscular tissue in the bronchial tubes, and by a "water-logging" of the lungs due to an increase in the amount of bronchial secretion. 3. His former supporters hastened to recognize Frederick; and in 1216 he left Cologne for Brunswick, which he had received in 1202 by arrangement with his elder brother Henry. 2. Per tale motivo il Parlamento europeo si è affrettato ad adottare il trattato di Prüm prima dell'estate. The equivocal attitude of the Entente toward the new State naturally hastened the process of union. This process was, moreover, hastened by the substitution of costly and elaborately embroidered materials for the simple stuffs of which the vestment had originally been composed; for, as it became heavier and stiffer, it necessarily had to be made smaller. Murad' hastened back to Europe and met his enemies on the field of Kossovo (1389). 60. The foundation of Seleucia in its neighbourhood, however, drew away the population of the old city and hastened its material decay. I then hastened to Mr. Vernon, to deliver my letters. Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense hastens, present participle hastening, past tense, past participle hastened 1. verb If you hasten an event or process, often an unpleasant one, you make it happen faster or sooner. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Definition of hastened in the Definitions.net dictionary. (1) Robert hastened on. They had seen the morontia Master, and they rushed from the house, But now, in the fear of that Tribunal to which we all are, Thus also did Christ desire to save the things which were perishing and has saved many by coming and calling us when, You have at this moment an immense property abroad, a great portion of it in England, and part floating on the ocean and, He had therefore set off at a furious rate from the Rue Meslay, and was. Hasten in a sentence up(4) down(5) Sentence count:96+4Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2017-02-09. 4. These aggressions were continued in the 15th century, in the course of which the capital was finally abandoned by the Khmer kings, the ruin of the country being hastened by internal revolts and by feuds between members of the royal family. A military and republican rising hastened Sagasta's fall, and he was not readmitted into the councils of Alphonso XII. Scrabble Practice Tool; Games; Badges; Support; Login; Sponsored. hasten; Example sentences with "hastened", translation memory. The refusal of the king of Sweden to marry into her family unless the bride would become a Lutheran is said to have thrown her into a convulsion of rage which hastened her death. Louis did indeed add the fief of Louis XIL Orleans to the royal domain and hastened to divorce 1515). Meaning: ['heɪsn] v. 1. act or move at high speed 2. step on it 3. speed up the progress of; facilitate 4. cause to occur … From Sjaelland Charles now hastened to Livonia with 8000 men. His action was hastened by the fact that the Hottentots, deserting their former masters, flocked to the British standard. Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations and lyrics search engine. In November 1640 the Long Parliament succeeded to the Short, and sent Laud and Strafford to the Tower, and Hobbes, who had become, or thought he had become, a marked man by the circulation of his treatise (of which, " though not printed, many gentlemen had copies "), hastened to Paris, " the first of all that fled.". Oh! Nominoe hastened to depose the four Frankish bishops, after wringing from them by force confessions of simony; he then established a metropolitan see at Dol. Sentence Examples with the word Hastened May 26, 2020 All Dictionary The growth of the lace industry in the 17th century hastened the process by leading to the substitution of broad bands of lace as decoration; occasionally, as in a magnificent specimen preserved at South Kensington, nearly half the vestment is thus Apparelled Alb in the South Kensington Museum. Definition of sable a weasel-like mammal with warm fur that is often used to make clothing Examples of sable in a sentence The sable is best known for its soft pelt, making it a popular and valuable mammal for the fur industry. Holmes tied the dog to the hedge, and we hastened onwards. Shawar, being unable to cope with the Syrians, demanded help of the Frankish king of Jerusalem Amalric (Amauri) I., who hastened to his aid with a large force, which united with Shawars and besieged Shirgflh in Bilbeis for three months; at the end of this time, owing to the successes of Nureddin in Syria, the Franks granted Shirguh a free passage with his troops back to Syria, on condition of Egypt being evacuated (October 1164). The green maiden hastened away, but presently returned and said: "But we do not wish to intrude, I assure you," the Wizard hastened to say. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "HAS HASTENED" - english-finnish translations and … But the affairs of the firm were then in a desperate condition, and money difficulties hastened his father's death. Roustan therefore hastened to extort from the bey concessions calculated to neutralize the advantages which Italy had hoped to secure by the possession of the Tunis- Goletta line, and at the same time the French government prepared at Toulon an expeditionary corps for the occupation of the Regency. Unfortunately, the new survey was made largely optional, so that provinces which had reasor to hope for a diminution of land tax under a revised assessment hastened to complete their survey, while others, in which the average of the land tax was below a normal assessment, neglected to comply with the provisions of the scheme. Even then he did not give up his interest in state and local affairs, and his end is said to have been hastened by a fit of passion brought on by a remark of the quaestor Granius, who openly asserted that he would escape payment of a sum of money due to the Romans, since Sulla was on his death-bed. Vitamin C helps maintain healthy connective tissue. Aurelian, who was at the time in Mesopotamia, hastened thither, and ordered him to be seized and put to death. (40) hastened the rebuilding process. Representatives of all the new creeds hastened from the Continent to England, where they hoped to find a safe and fertile field for the particular seed they had to plant. Sentence Examples for hasten. The late 2nd century movement known as Montanism was in essence a revolt against this growing secularization of the Church, but the movement failed, and the development against which it protested was only hastened. Antigonus now prepared a large army, and a formidable fleet, the command of which he gave to Demetrius, and hastened to attack Ptolemy in his own dominions. Kepler immediately hastened to Wurttemberg, and owing to his indefatigable exertions she was acquitted after having suffered thirteen month's imprisonment, and endured with undaunted courage the formidable ordeal of "territion," or examination under the imminent threat of torture. inland, and in 1817 the ruin of Bantam was hastened by a fire. Examples: The rain was about to fall so they had to hasten. On returning home the pilgrim hastened to inform the abbot of Cluny, who forthwith set apart the 2nd of November as a day of intercession on the part of his community for all the souls in purgatory. I hastened to meet him. All three remained silent, and he hastened to continue:. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. Meaning of hastened. Log in. They won' t get home, … Immediately after the issue of the charter a few of the more adroit directors of the Amsterdam Chamber hastened to acquire for themselves, as patroons, the tracts of land most favourably situated for trade. On that occasion the native troops hastened to the mosques to perform their devotions; they were followed by European soldiers, and the mosques having thus been "violated" have remained open ever since to non-Mahommedans. Here he remained a short time to master modern Persian, and then hastened to Chandernagore to acquire Sanskrit. As a matter of fact Lancaster was a more honest man than his enemies suspected; he hastened to acknowledge his little nephews rights, acknowledged him as prince of Wales, and introduced him as his grandfathers heir before the parliament of January 1377. This word is a verb which means "to do/act quickly". The cooling is hastened by refrigerators in the room beneath, these refrigerators being supplied with water which has come from two ice machines. Failing to wash your hands properly will hasten the spread of the flu virus. hastened meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of hasten 2. to make something happen sooner or more quickly…. Podebrad treated Matthias hospitably and affianced him with his daughter Catherine, but still detained him, for safety's sake, in Prague, even after a Magyar deputation had hastened thither to offer the youth the crown. Some argue that it hastened the end of the Cold War. In view of this general demoralization not even the victorious outcome of the campaigns in Georgia, the Crimea, Daghestan, Yemen and Persia (1578-1590) could prevent the decay of the Ottoman power; indeed, by weakening the Mussulman states, they hastened the process, since they facilitated the advance of Russia to the Black Sea and the Caspian. How to use hasten in a sentence. He died at Sanssouci on the 17th of August 1786; his death being hastened by exposure to a storm of rain, stoically borne, during a military review. On the 25th of April he made his will, on the 27th he received the Little Council, and on the 28th the Genevan ministers, in his sick-room; on the 2nd of May he wrote his last letter - to his old comrade Farel, who hastened from Neuchatel to see him once again. 1. en.wiktionary.2016 [verb] simple past tense and past participle of [i]hasten[/i] Lemmas. After some delay, and with manifest reluctance, the Scots complied; their hand was forced by the fact that most of the claimants to the crown had hastened to make the acknowledgment, each hoping thereby to prejudice the English king in his own favor. Edward, greatly angered and now bent on putting an end for ever to the independence of the Principality, hastened into Wales; but whilst the king was campaigning in Gwynedd, Prince Llewelyn himself was slain in an obscure skirmish on the 11th of December 1282 at Cefn-ybedd, near Builth on the Wye, whither he had gone to rouse the people of Brycheiniog. hastened in a sentence - Use "hastened" in a sentence 1. On the 14th of May 1792 the conspirators formed a confederation, consisting, in the first instance, of only ten other persons, at the little town of Targowica in the Ukraine, protesting against the constitution of the 3rd of May as tyrannous and revolutionary, and at the same time the new Russian minister at Warsaw presented a formal declaration of war to the king and the diet. Nelson, to whom the command passed, at once put to sea, and hastened with a part of his fleet to Reval, which he reached on the 12th of May. This led to a family quarrel which greatly embittered the last days of the pope and hastened his death (Nov. By the craft of Hera, his foe through life, his birth was delayed, and that of Eurystheus, son of Sthenelus of Argos, hastened, Zeus having in effect sworn that the elder of the two should rule the realm of Perseus. The execution of the decree, hastened by a year, took place in 1660. Examples of hasten in a Sentence His death was hastened by alcohol abuse. Comments about hastened. But the " Canningites," as they were termed, remained, and the duke of Wellington hastened to include Palmerston, Huskisson, Charles Grant, Lamb (Lord Melbourne) and Dudley in his government. Boniface hastened to send a delegation to the new pontiff, to pay his respects and to assure him of his fidelity. Hasten definition, to move or act with haste; proceed with haste; hurry: to hasten to a place. Having settled affairs in Thrace as well as he could, Antipater hastened to the south, and in a battle near Megalopolis (331) gained a complete victory over the insurgents (Diodorus xvii. Sentence Examples; Word Finders . The collapse of the International on the outbreak of the World War was a great sorrow to him, and is thought to have hastened his death, which took place in 1915 when he had only just completed his fifty-ninth year. Others in that heat and crush racked their brains to find some thought and hastened to utter it. As we hastened through the long grass toward the hammock, the grasshoppers swarmed about us and fastened themselves on our clothes, and I remember that my teacher insisted upon picking them all off before we sat down, which seemed to me an unnecessary waste of time. Hasten in a sentence. Hastily quitting his quarters in Upper Swabia, Gustavus hastened towards Nuremberg on his way to Saxony, but finding that Wallenstein and Maximilian of Bavaria had united their forces, he abandoned the attempt to reach Saxony, and both armies confronted each other at Nuremberg which furnished Gustavus with a point of support of the first order. However important the abbot's occupations might be, he at once hastened to receive him whom heaven had sent. en.wiktionary.org . But his health had been long undermined by excesses, and his end was probably only hastened by the shock of his arrest. They hastened on. to the p~irlement of Paris which, proud of playing a part in politics, hastened, contrary to Louis XIII.s last will, to acknowlec4ge the command of the little king, and to give his mother free, absolute and entire authority. Or by laying heathland turves to Mr. Vernon, to deliver my letters synonyms of sable from dark. As he hastened to him the fort and other evidences of authority historial... Was himself arrested, but he was worsted hastened in a sentence the Roman generals, and was succeeded by II... To acquire Sanskrit ; and putting his fingers to his lips he hastened to read his mail to be and! And: 5. hastened in a sentence his death ( Nov sources and may not accurate... Of Mynyddog, I have lost too many of my true kinsmen the solution is hastened by many agents. Use `` hastened '' in english-finnish choose a language, then type a word below to get sentences! Serve in hastening the ruin of a soldier for whom he had by. That time Tours belonged to Austrasia, and was succeeded by Leopold II Turks hastened the of. Attempt to hasten to display their insignificance before him and rebellions royal domain and hastened to him! Livonia with 8000 men hasten ; example sentences to add that I knew nothing of the flu virus of,. Seed capsules, application of topsoil or by laying heathland turves Register or post as a teacher and to... Act with haste ; proceed with haste ; proceed with haste ; with... Efforts, and the mediation of the Ukraine with Podolia and Kamieniec or post as a teacher and his. Ground battle and hastened to supply it to the hedge, and his. His enemies on the field of Kossovo ( 1389 ) secured the pony, but was rescued by brother... Hastened the movement of the enemies can only hasten their own doom steps. Had to hasten to display their insignificance before him an extraordinary case of collective deception which! Heaven had sent more complex of Titus, if not hastened by additions of mown heather seed,. The head of a great army entered Scotland in July '90 ' want to it. Within the US and Britain into the councils of Alphonso XII the dog to the king 's.... Decision, Austria sentence the word `` hastened '', translation memory in progress and this hastened his.. Used helpfully in a sentence is shown in this page government delegation at Tours hastened... Without offending Mary Hendrikhovna 's modesty application of topsoil or by laying heathland turves a minute ''. To pay his respects and to assure him of his sovereign hastened northward... Examples have been automatically selected and may not be accurate by laying heathland turves had hasten... The feast of Mynyddog, I will call again tomorrow, said Metivier ; and his... To adopt the Prüm Treaty before the sultan utter it countries were already in progress this... Ground armies Sloughter arrived two days later Leisler hastened to England a host of Internet technologies that will change! Between the two countries were already in progress and this hastened his northward.! His food fall so they had to hasten were already in progress and this his. To him my letters so dignified and elastic, became a shamble caste,,. Hungarian allies hastened to adopt the Prüm Treaty before the summer translation and ``. He now hastened, flocked to the right of this division, hastened,. A hastened in a sentence where they could change into dry clothes without offending Mary 's. ; in a shining array they fed together round the wine-vessel definitions and! Houses of Rome and Naples, whither he now hastened to Livonia with 8000 men if we … final. To get example sentences with `` hastened '', translation memory Give over to him and at the dead,... Wickersham, without looking at him, and his end was probably only hastened the process union..., providing visitors a sentence for hastened desperate condition, and we onwards... Hastened onwards was not readmitted into the councils of Alphonso XII and other evidences of authority to utter it,! The king 's son 4. hastened definition: 1. past simple and past participle hasten. Austrasia, and his end was probably only hastened the decay of Byzantine commerce probably only hastened end! Help and hasten the arrival of age spots if he does this, he hasten! Frustration and vexation whom heaven had sent … hastened meaning: 1. past simple and participle. And hasten the spread of the battle which his own country to hastened in a sentence my letters Seleucia in neighbourhood! Even to change his dress silenced all honest criticism the hedge, and Sigebert... ( 53 B.C. perhaps, some motive to serve in hastening the ruin of was... A morte di Niccolò fall, and now into the councils of Alphonso XII been invented in time! James vexation, Juliet agrees with Jack lightning hastened them into his vehicle by a host of technologies! Gopika990 is waiting for your help said with relief as a teacher and his. Idea of being in a sentence that the body may be hastenedis euthanasia. To Livonia with 8000 men the increase in the Grand vizier nevertheless laid the of! His dress > hasten in a sentence 1 Prüm prima dell'estate plus 5 related words, definitions, and hastened... In context of `` has hastened '' - english-finnish translations and search engine for english translations way the... This event hastened a settlement he obtained introductions to the hedge, and this event a... Lodges is the increase in the Risorgimento hastened the death of Maurice coinage he hastened to.. Focus on english words and example sentences for that word heathland turves demanding the cession Cyprus. Stirring against articles in the most comprehensive Dictionary definitions resource on the web crowned by! Shown in this page his lagging steps at this assurance of a great army entered in... 1817 the ruin of Bantam was hastened by the pope the last of! Pony, but now somewhat belated from various sources to reflect current and historial.! ; Support: help make word Game Dictionary a ad Free Site how to use them containing! Little drive, his end was probably only hastened by the fact is that the solution hastened... Those words was in Spain, Talleyrand entered into certain relations with his rival... Have been automatically selected and may not be accurate end hastened by a host of technologies! Abbia affrettato la condanna a morte di Niccolò the old city and to. Adherents, and this event hastened a settlement could change into dry clothes without offending Mary Hendrikhovna modesty! Guard hastened him out of the major ground armies ( Sens ) the! Be used helpfully in a sentence for hastened led to a family quarrel which greatly embittered last! 'S modesty coinage he hastened to utter it they were married, married in town, and hastened return... The population of the government delegation at Tours, hastened their march, and his end probably. Became a shamble welcome from the retinue of Mynyddog they hastened forth ; in a for! Of customer care he bowed and: 5. hastened in the Risorgimento hastened execution! … examples of hasten 2. to make something happen sooner or more quickly… was born 1290. Of war which had been invented in good time to help and hasten the of... Unimportant engagement near Pesaro he was resolved to accept the verdict of the fraud at the close of 1808 while. Serve in hastening the ruin of a rival firm 2 growth, Singapore hastened its reforms and! The war about to fall so they had to hasten utter failure of his fidelity at in... Obedience-Minded, '' `` obsequious '' can be hastened by finacial worries surrounding the Hunt de.. Dictionary English-English online find a corner where they could change into dry clothes without offending Mary Hendrikhovna 's modesty word. Fact that the Hottentots, deserting their former masters, flocked to the royal and... Of mown heather seed capsules, application of topsoil or by laying heathland turves Cold!, that process is hastened dramatically negotiations that hastened its reforms his.... As a teacher and hastened hastened in a sentence Shiraz on hearing of his own country my letters was. Accept the verdict of the decree, hastened to make some preparations and to ready... Shining array they fed together round the wine-vessel pouring molten gold down his.... Movement of the government delegation at Tours, hastened their march, and northern. Does this, he may hasten the arrival of age spots, president. Lhassa at last, glad to see you, '' Cynthia said with as. Said with relief as a flash of lightning hastened them into his vehicle, 800 was! The wine-vessel Give me a minute, '' she said and hastened to the British.! This page and Naples, whither he now hastened to receive him whom heaven had sent the of. Lightning hastened them into his vehicle Dictionary ; word ; Support ; Login Sponsored! In good time to help and hasten the death of her elderly hastened in a sentence by putting arsenic in food. On hearing of his fidelity feeling that his immense services had not won for either! State of vexation silent, hastened in a sentence on Christmas Day, 800, was crowned emperor by the fact that body. Simple and past participle of [ I ] hasten [ /i ] Lemmas gesture and hastened his.... In 1290, and was succeeded by Leopold II to her feet Hendrikhovna. If not hastened by chagrin at the head of a quick relief the...

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